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From: Mark A Shieh <SHODAN+_at_...>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 10:53:22 -0500 (EST)

Brett Hollindale <agro_at_...> writes:
> As to comparing Squat SHV's to titans, lets do that!
> A Colossus costs the same as a Reaver, so...
> The Colossus has [snip]
> To me this adds up to a unit with at least 6 titan weapon slots, with 6 void
> shields and a 1+ save all round that always first fires.
> The Reaver [snip]
> The Reaver has 3 titan weapon slots, 4 void shields and generally a 2+
> saving throw from the front.

I agree with you up to here.

> Both are Special Cards. Both have the same CAF. Both cost 500 pts.

        Personally, I've never faced *a* Reaver Titan. I've faced *a*
Warlord Titan once (Chaos Titan). So IMHO, The Reaver is a Company
Card, and costs 1000 for 3.

        Anyways, my take on the power levels is that the Colossus can
dish out about 50% more, but in my experience is a lot more fragile.
There are many weapons that don't affect Titans. The Super
Lifta-Droppa, for instance, can only affect Titans by dropping another
unit on top of it. When facing void-shield penetrating weapons, the
Reaver is much more resilient. I admit that my Vibro-Cannon batteries
still can't punch through the Colossus's armor, but that's because I
have bad luck frequently. The damage rolls on the legs just don't
affect a long ranged/fire support Reaver all that much most of the
time. Also, the Colossus just isn't very customizable. The only
thing that can be done to it is to mount a Starfury on it, and I don't
consider that to be an improvement 90% of the time.

        I'd say that a Colossus is a better deal than the Reaver, but
not the Reaver Battlegroup. I wouldn't give a clear advantage to
either side in a 3 Reaver vs. 2 Colossus BG, unless the Reavers have 3
one-shots... Then it's pretty clear that the cheese wins.

> In my estimation, a Colussus can face two reavers and be on relatively equal
> footing.

        IMHO, it all depends on whether the Reavers are designed to be
Titan/SHV killers. Reavers are much more cusomizable, and the
Colossus is only about average at killing infantry. The Reaver can be
much better at it.

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