Re: [Epic] Rebel against the new stands ?

From: Frederic Fricaux <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 97 22:22:28 MET

> Hello,
> sorry to begin again with that, but I really wanna know where in the world
> it is written that the existing minis will be obsolete .
> When I talked with Hodgson and Ian Pickstock (alias GoldTeeth) they told me
> that the old minis will still be compatible.If I rememeber well, Jervis
> Johnson also told that in his posting (before the list crash).I only want to
> recall that there were a lot of minis evolution in the GW story, but that
> the old minis always were compatible with the new (except in a very few
> special cases) .In one of the more recent WD, I remember to have seen a
> battle report where they used the old Space Marine minis (Mk 6 I think) .
> Come on, please let's be more optimistic.Before we can lay a hand on the new
> boxed set, all we can do is anticipation, based on nothing concrete.
        They always said that, and they've always been right ... as long as you
don't play WYSIWYG or use house rules. Here are some examples from 40k : try to
field one of these old miniatures (taken from GWUK catalogue part 1):
                - Leman Russ p 6 ! (ok, I'm joking :) ).
                - any HW guy with Conversion Beamer
                - a SM Scout with ShurCat p21
                - a SM Jetbike p 22
                - an IG Biker
                - an IG Landspeeder p 23 (these might disappear from Epic too
                  but there wasn't miniatures for them in the plastic army
                  boxes, so ...)
                - a Robot (for any army) p 25
                - any Guardsman with assault weapons (except SGT's and
                - Commissars with Carapace armour p 39 (now they're only
                  allowed to wear socks and a tie ...)
                - any IG Medic
                - IG Beastmen squads
                - IG human bombs p 39
                - some Guardsmen with now illegal weapons (Autorifle, Bolters,
                - all IG HW guys p 42.
                - Rough Riders with special weapons p 44
                etc ...

        Knowing what happened to the IG in 40k, many units are likely to
disappear: assault IG, IG Bikes, IG Predators and Vindicators.
        And even if it is possible to use all existing miniatures, if we have
to change all our infantry stands, well, that will mean lots of fun for us.

        But, to be optimistic, I'll add that there's one thing we've seen many
times in the past: when GW revamps anything, it means big price increases. Of
course, it's optimistic for GW ...
        Frederic Fricaux
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