Re: [Epic] Creating new version of Epic

From: Tony Christney <acc_at_...>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 20:46:58 -0800

>If Epic97 turns out as cruddy as everyone fears and the pessimists turn out
>to be right, we could make our own set of rules for Epic, the "net version"
>of Epic 40k. Between the Titan Legion Edition rules, Epic 40k rules, and
>all of our house rules, we could create a uniform mix that captures
>(hopefully) the best parts of each. This could lend a certain
>"officialness" to the rules in that between all of us and our gaming groups
>we could get a pretty substantial number of people playing it and there is
>strength (and that elusive official feeling, such as that which the Q&As
>have) in numbers. If we were to post it to the net as an alternative method
>of playing or have it run at conventions alongside tables of the standard
>system (I think there are a few on the list who run booths and tables at
>conventions), it could actually begin to spread outside of just our gaming
>circles and us. Of course, this is all hypothetical, as we don't know that
>the new version is going to suck yet (we're just pretty sure :P)
>Flame away!
>Michael of House Liu
>PS In any case, I know I'm not going to be playing strictly by the printed
>Epic40k rules, even if I do buy the boxed set, but I figure it would be
>pretty cool if I could be playing even a semi-official version of the game :)

I've been thinking of doing this for a while, but just haven't had the time,
but now I do...
Anyone with some ideas on what _are_ the best aspects of Epic, feel free to
send them to me at acc_at_... . Yes, I am serious _and_ a bit bored.
I am also thinking of making a game based on the all-Canadian sport of...

Tony Christney
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