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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 10:05:04 GMT

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>On 15 Jan 97 at 21:54, Brett Hollindale wrote:
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>> >> >>But squat SHVs get wasted pretty easily IMHO easier than titans.
>> >> >
>> >> >Especially against those _at_%$@#&$%*!!!! Warp and Vortex missles!
>> >> >I play my Marine friend with my Squats he'll take along a Warlord or two
>> >> >and give each one a Vortex missle. That gives him a two in three
chance of
>> >> >sinking one of my SHV's on the *first* turn, sometimes before it gets a
>> >> >chance to fire.
>> >>
>> >> OK this looks like the second person in two days whi hasn't read TL
page 24
>> >> "Psychic Saves".
>> >> Let me quote: "Whenever a psychic power is used on a model with
>> >> shields, on a 1-3 the psychic effect is dispersed. On a 4-6 the Psychic
>> >> power penetrates the shields and the attack takes effect as normal". And
>> >> from the same page "Some weapons like Warp and Vortex missiles, (and a few
>> >> others) use warp energy... Units with a psychic saving throw can roll to
>> >> save against theses attacks as if they were psychic attacks."
>> >>
>> >> What this means to me is that a bunch of Reavers shooting at that chaos
>> >> idiots Warlords with Vortex missiles have about a 1 in 6 chance (each) of
>> >> doing 1d6 hits on the Warlords. (Not a great chance, but OK) And someone
>> >> popping your SHV's has the same 1 in 6 with a vortex and a hefty 2 in
6 with
>> >> the warp missiles.
>> >>
>> >
>> ><snip>
>> >
>> >I'm going to have to disagree here. The void shield's psychic
>> >disruption effect is not the same as a psychic save. The rules under
>> >psychic save on the same page even indicate this. In the case of a
>> >psychic power that merely does damage (Weirdboy tower, for example) it
>> >knocks down void shields like normal and, once it penetrates the
>> >shields, the model gets its psychic save, if any. Void shields just
>> >have the potential for interfereing with actual psychic powers, not any
>> >display of psychic force.
>> >
>> >Seth Ben-Ezra
>> >Great Wolf
>> I'm going to have to agree with you about Wierdboyz (since it specifically
>> defines how they work - ie they must knock down the void shields like a
>> normal attack) but I don't see how the same argument applies to Warp amd
>> Vortex missiles.
>> For my money, it is spelled out in black and white. "units with a psychic
>> save save against these warp attacks as if they were psychic attacks" and
>> units with void shields save against psychic attacks 50/50."
>> Agro
>I can't speak to the vortex missile as easily, but the warp missile is
>a clearer case. The rules for the Warp Missile state that it ignores
>shields and goes straight to damaging the Titan. Of course, this could
>be interpreted as meaning that void shields aren't taken down but can
>still interfere with the missile's progress.

Thats how we interpret it all right!

>Personally, I feel that
>the double scatter is penalty enough for the warp missile. Besides,
>the whole point of the warp missile is to be the ultimate armor
>penetration device. Allowing shields to interfere with it lessens its
>ability to fulfill its Titan-killing role, IMHO.

And, IMHO, that is precisely the reason that I believe Void Shields act to
give a 50/50 save. Prior to TL, Warp and Vortex Missiles rendered Titans so
vulnerable that no one was buying them. (No need to field a 900 pt unit
that gets wasted by an 80 pt Deathstrike, and no need to buy the $30 model
either...) So, TL comes up with the titan BG to bring down the cost, and a
Void Shield save to increase survivability. (Thus more models sold...)


>Obviously this is
>open to interpretation. Ah, something else to be addressed in Net Epic
>discussions. I'll officially add it to the mix: how do we interpret
>both the psychic save of certain models and the psychic interference of
>void shields?
>Just my two cents.
>Seth Ben-Ezra
>Great Wolf
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