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From: Cameron Bentsen <stu7i95_at_...>
Date: 16 Jan 1997 10:17 EST

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> Oh, and I almost forgot, there is now an almost universally despised and
> very poorly thought out psychic phase before first fire. This is the first
> thing that the people I game with agreed to completely ignore. It just
> causes way too many arguments.

I'd have to disagree with you here, Tony. I really don't think the psychic
phase is all that bad, and I certainly don't think it is almost universally
despised. From what I've seen on this list, the opinion is more or less split
50/50 on whether it's a good thing to have. What the real problem with the
psychic phase is is not that it exists, but that the interaction of psychic
and warp-based powers with the rest of the system is neither consistent nor
in many cases clear. I suspect that if these problems with clarity and
consistency were resolved, no-one would have any problems with having a psychic
phase. In my opinion, a better approach than ignoring the psychic phase
completely would be to make a standard set of rules (probably based off of
Allen's Q&As) that applies to all psychic powers, and another that applies
to all warp-based powers/weapons that don't originate from some sort of psyker.

Cameron Bentsen, Ottawa.
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