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Hello, all. I guess I should introduce myself before I jump in with both
feet. My name is Neal Hunt. I've played for about 6 years, and have at
various times had Eldar, Ork, Chaos, and a Marine/Imperial mixed army. I
don't know spit about Tyranids. They came out after I transferred schools,
and no one there played, so I've been out of the loop for about 2 years. I
have degrees in English and Chemistry, and am now gainfully employed using
my English degree (wonder of wonders). I spent 6 years in the Marine Corps,
most of it on reserves, but some active during Desert Storm.

        I agree that Slaanesh Riders are way cool. I have most of a
detachment that my ex painted that are smooth. However, they simply aren't
as good. At least boarboyz have significantly different stats - slower, but
with higher caf than bikes. Plus, you get the chance of drawing that cool
cyboars mekboy card. Beastriders just don't measure up. I love style, but
I also love to win. I just can't bring myself to hamstring my army by
taking substandard forces. I would especially love to build a significant
Slaanesh chaos force, but all their stylistic pieces suck. The Riders are
second rate. The titans and knights are just goofy looking.
        Didn't you say you were at Ft. Campbell? I'm in Nashville almost
every weekend, and I'm always willing to look at miniature deals. E-mail me
with what you've got. We may even be able to set up a game some weekend.
You've been posting Epic minis, do you have any 40K to trade?

        What's the current thought on Reaver Titans taking chaos titan
tails? I've heard some groups say yes, some no.

        Jubal Harshaw sucks. Heinlein was a hack. He says nothing,
although admittedly he says it very well. I miss my English classes, so if
you want to debate the point, I'd love to do it on private e-mail.

Love and laughs,
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