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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 13:28:36 -0800

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>> Hmmm.
>> There seem to be quite a few consciencious objectors to the premise that
>> Squat Super Heavies (and Colossi in particular) cheese all over the humble
>> Imperial Reaver Titan.
>> It would be fair to say that if there is no defence against a warp or vortex
>> missile then the Reavers are most definitely better value for money. If,
>> however, you get a void shield saving throw (as I am pretty sure you do)
>> then two Colossi should take down three Reavers while losing only one of
>> their number.
>> It would be a long and tedious post to explain in detail why this will
>> happen, and so I
>> won't waste my time and yours unless soomeone realy, realy wants to read
>> Agro
>Void shields only interfere with NON-DAMAGING psychic attacks. They don't
>interfere with warp-based missles like the Vortex & Warp missles, nor do they
>interfere with psychic attacks that cause damage like Weirdboy lightning bolts
>or Warp waves (except in the fact that the shield will stop one.) What they
>do interfere with are things like Psychic lock and Eldritch storm that don't
>actually cause damage or have a physical form.

Physical form, yes, damage, not a requisite. What about the third Warlock
power that you didn't mention: Mind Blast. This is certainly a damaging
power, but it *is* affected by void shields, becuase it is the kind of
power that trys to bypass physical barriers and go for a certain target.
Eg: the crew in the head of the titan, or the pilot of a Leman Russ tank.
In both instances, the power goes straight through/skips the armor. But
let's use the Wierdboy as another example. A Wierdboy bolt just shoots
forward and plows everything down in its path, hence it will just knock
down one void shield. The Vortex missle can be thought of like the
Wierdboy blast, and the Warp Missle like something a bit different. Since
the Warp Missle never actually attempts to move throught the Void Shields
it should be able to strike without a save, since it is teleporting (via
the warp) inside the Titan. A Mind Blast is fired directly from a Warlock
and can be traced back to him, a Warp Missle is a different story.

Does this make any sense?

>Check out Allen's Q&As at
>as I'm pretty sure that all this is made clear there! If it's not, ask
>Allen a Q about it; maybe we'll get some answers eventually.


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