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Date: Fri, 17 Jan 97 17:39:30 +0100

Hello folks,

some time ago, I wrote some special house rules for kinda support barrages
that are in the spirit of nuke bombings.We tried to play with these rules
once or twice, and it appeared they are very (too) destructive, so we
stopped using them.

Maybe one of you could do something better with these.



Orbital Artillery Support Fire.

Some forces in the galaxy has a very important interstellar support
infrastructure.When Eldar Forces fight on a planet, the fight is under
constant surveillance by the fleet of the Craftworld.
In the same manner, the Imperium can send some spacecraft and combat
satellites in orbit of planets where an important battle is fought, to
support the ground troops.

General rules for Combat Satellites (ComSat) .

ComSats fire during the first fire phase.

ComSats must be given orders by Command units (i.e. Warlocks for Eldar).

ComSat orders are written (on a piece of paper, which stays hidden from
the ennemy until the order is executed ) in any moment during a turn.
The order is executed in the *next* turn (time is needed for the ComSat crew
to calculate the target coordinates, orient the satellite, etc...) .

The order is kept secret until the order is revealed.The player has to
describe on a clear way where the targets are, and where the barrage
templates must be placed (i.e. a building, a distance from a ruin,
an objective marker, etc ...).

Every turn, every weapon may shoot (unless clearly stated).Each commanding
unit that sends an order to the ComSat, can give an order to one weapon only.
The target must be in the LOS of the command unit that sends the order.
A command unit may give only one order a turn.Each weapon may shoot only once
a turn.

ComSat weapons.

You can mount two *different* weapons on a satellite.

Weapons for imperial ComSats.

- WingZ Missile.
4 barrage templates.Place the first template, roll the scatter dice.
If you get an arrow, the template scatters 2D6 cm.Consequently place the other
templates so that each template touches at least 2 other barrage templates.
Each template has a value of 1D6 BP (all templates has the same value) .

-Vortex missile : See Epic Rulebook.

-Strike Missiles.
You distribute 12 BP in as much templates as you want (max 4) , as long as each
template touches at least one other template.

# templates BP
1 12
2 6
3 4
4 3

Weapons for Eldar ComSats.

-Snowfall Missiles.
The procedure for placing the barrage templates is the same as the
procedure for Imperial drop pods.In place of the pods minis, you put the 3 cm
barrage templates (the one for orks ).You have 1D6+3 barrage templates.
Each template has a value of 8 BP.

- Doomweaver Missiles
Place the Doomweaver template on the target and roll the scatter dice.
If you have an arrow, move the template 2D6 cm.Once this is done, the rest
is like
like the normal doomweaver weapon (see P18 of the Renegades supplement).

-Psychic Beam
This weapon works like a mega-Psychic Lance.For the use of this weapon
, see Renegades P26.The only difference with the Psy Lance is that the
barrage template can be placed anywhere in the LOS of the commanding unit
that orders the Psychic Beam (with an unlimited range, of course).
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