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From: Tony Christney <acc_at_...>
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 01:50:44 -0800

>At 07:54 PM 1/17/97 -0800, you wrote:
>>>> What's the current thought on Reaver Titans taking chaos titan
>>>>tails? I've heard some groups say yes, some no.
>>> Sure why not? I would put them on Warhounds and Slannesh
>>> scout titans too. If whoever you are playing doesn't like
>>> the idea, don't "use" the tail. Again, looks cool modifier.
>>Couldn't agree more, in fact, ALL my chaos titans have tails. A few have
>>extra arms as well. The "extra" arms have no ranged fire though. I have
>>never used the arms as CC weapons in a game, they are there purely for looks.
>>Tony Christney
>> Extra ARMS? Please give me some examples. Sounds good and I could use
> some input.
> Keith

Well, I've got a three armed Warlord Titan. I was looking at the picture
(by John Blanche) that inspired the Abominatus and thought "I think I could
do better than that". Out came the Milliput and I sculpted a slicer arm
that looks like a pointy ended chainsaw. I added some tubes, rivets and
screws and mounted it in the rear carapace mounts (from underneath). It was
a bit of a pain to pose correctly (to give that "I'm gonna hack up your
pretty battle honour encrusted titan" look) but I'm happy with the results.

I also added some 28mm Horror arms to a heavily converted reaver titan. Again,
it took a bit to get the look I wanted, but was well worth the effort.

I now have two more Warlord titans to play with, and I have big plans for an
extensive conversion of Cinderella's Castle on Stilts, but am a little
unmotivated right now as my principle opponent is trying to kick a bad habit.
This has made him a little unavailable for miniature games. I have brought
my roomate into the fold, but he is (almost) completely dedicated to Necromunda
and his accursed Ratskins...

But I digress. Really, the key to adding arms (or anything for that matter) is
to peruse endless pictures, miniature catalogs, etc. trying to find just the
right bit to stick on. Or at least to get inspired to make something from
scratch. The latter is, IMO, the more satisfying, but is _far_ more time

I feel that chaos has the most potential for conversion work out of all the
armies. The key is to let your imagination run riot on looks, but to not
get carried away trying to make the super Titan (like the one in the Blanche
pic mentioned above). The less special rules you feel you need the better.
An example would be using the assault cannon on traitor terminators from
40K as a volcano cannon. It is quite convincing and looks great.

Wings are another favorite, but I have a tough time believing that something
the size of a titan could leave the ground simply by flapping its wings. The
idea is somewhere between silliness and cheese, a place I like to avoid.

Tony Christney
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