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Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 11:28:24 GMT

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>>My biggest problem with the psychic phase is that it's SO unbalanced...
>>squats don't have psychics (obviously) but even their one special card
>>only give models a 5+ save... Librarians are only good at trying to kill
>>other psychers (and they have trouble with the powerful ones), whereas
>>tyranids can wipe out half your army in the psychic phase... i lost a
>>colossus and a reaver in the FIRST psychic phase vs tyranids recently...
>>that kind of unbalance really bothers me. JMO
>The whole idea of the psychic phase seemed hacked in, with little thought
>going into how it would effect play balance, or rules interaction, or
>back compatibility. Psychic attacks worked fine in the old rules, so I
>don't see why they felt it was necessary to add in a whole new turn phase.
>Another major imbalance was the cost/performance for weirdboy battletowers.
>For 100pts you can get more firepower than a plasma destructor, can move
>and still shoot before anything other than snap fire weapons, and can
>destroy greater demons in a flash (which I learned the hard way :( ).
>The drawback being that there is a 1 in 6 chance of an explosion. Sure,
>the saving throw is crap, but who has ever seen one that was not under
>a dragsta field?

Yeah, the wierdboys ARE crap, but you only need to dump a THawk full of
anything on the mass of troops under the dragster field or charge them down
with skimmer bikes or gyrocopters or whatever you have and that's that...


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