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Date: 20 Jan 1997 18:58 EST

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> allen_at_... (A. Allen McCarley) writes:
> > > , and I don't know how
> > > to stop a T-hawk, even after subscribing to the mailing list.
> >
> > Snapfire! THawks wither under snapfire. Especially now that we know
> > that all the THawks that will board this turn must be placed on the
> > table edge at the beginning of the movement phase, and that snapfire
> > batteries can split up their shots.
> Could you clarify this? I thought that the Primarchs had
> indicated the exact opposite. All three guns on the Firestorm have to
> fire at the same time. Therefore, a Firestorm detachment will only
> ever take out one Thunderhawk in time.
> Mark

What he means is, if you have a battery of more than one snap-fire model
(like 3 Hydras or 2 Thunderfires,) you can fire only one model's weapons
and reserve the other models' fire for later on in the turn, either as more
snap-fire or as first fire. Obviously, this doesn't help the Firestorm.

Incidentally, one significant reason why many people prefer the Firestorm
to the Thunderfire, despite the fact that they cost 50 more points per
model, is that the Firestorms weapons all have range 100, while the
Thunderfire's secondary guns only have a range of 75 (I think,) which really
means they only have a range of 50 against high-altitude bogies. Not very
effective. For straight firepower the Thunderfires are better, but they don't
cope with adversity very well (can't move away from CC, limited effectiveness
when firing into cover or at high-fliers or at fast-movers, no armour to speak
of, etc.) Still, they're good AA platforms in most conventional situations,
especially when dealing with T-hawks...

Cameron Bentsen, Ottawa
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