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Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 11:07:34 +0800

In CJ17, there were 3 Epic special characters (all Eldar) based on WH40K
Eldar Codex. Here's a list of them.

                Mov /Sav Thr / CAF /Weapons /Rang /Dice/Hit/ Notes
Eldrad 10cm/Fixed 4+/ +4 /Shur Pistol /25cm /2 /4+ / See Rules
Karandas 10cm/Fixed 5+/ +8 /Scorp Bite /- /- /- / See Rules
Jain Zar 10cm/Fixed 5+/ +18*/Silent Death/15cm /Spec/- / See Rules

Eldrad, greatest Farseer of Ulthwe, has all the abilities of the Warlocks.
He has psychic save of 2+, and troops around him (15cm) has a 4+ psychic
save. Any Eldar units within 3d6 can place orders after all other orders
have been revealed.Eldrad is able to tap into the Warp to increase his CAF.
Roll an arti die and 2d6 for CC. Due to the arti die, his CAF can range from
2 to 10. If Eldrad rolls misfire, Eldrad goes straight to the Warp for a
one-to-one meeting with Slaanesh and in the process generate a Vortex
template, blah, blah, blah...
Karandas, Shadow Hunter gains an extra d6 (total 3d6) in close combat. Any
troops can reroll 1s on their CC die when within 10cm of Karandas. No
mention was made about rolling just 1d6 when CCing vehicles, Titans.

Me thinks Jain Zar's CAF +18 is an error. In addition to that, when she
rolls 6+, she will beat any enemy model, except those with construction
template ! Major butt-kicker.

She also has a Silent Death, hits on 4+, and ignores terrain modifiers. If
it hits it will moves on to the next target.

What do you guys think ? Hey, I am just the messenger (duck, sprint, puff,
puff, puff ;P)

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