Re: [Epic] Phoenix Lords in CJ

From: John A Chapman <jac_at_...>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 14:32:00 +1100 (EST)

> In CJ17, there were 3 Epic special characters (all Eldar) based on WH40K
> Eldar Codex. Here's a list of them.
> Mov /Sav Thr / CAF /Weapons /Rang /Dice/Hit/ Notes
> Eldrad 10cm/Fixed 4+/ +4 /Shur Pistol /25cm /2 /4+ / See Rules
> Karandas 10cm/Fixed 5+/ +8 /Scorp Bite /- /- /- / See Rules
> Jain Zar 10cm/Fixed 5+/ +18*/Silent Death/15cm /Spec/- / See Rules
> Eldrad, greatest Farseer of Ulthwe, has all the abilities of the Warlocks.
> He has psychic save of 2+, and troops around him (15cm) has a 4+ psychic
> save. Any Eldar units within 3d6 can place orders after all other orders
> have been revealed.Eldrad is able to tap into the Warp to increase his CAF.
> Roll an arti die and 2d6 for CC. Due to the arti die, his CAF can range from
> 2 to 10. If Eldrad rolls misfire, Eldrad goes straight to the Warp for a
> one-to-one meeting with Slaanesh and in the process generate a Vortex
> template, blah, blah, blah...
        Does this vortex scatter?

> Karandas, Shadow Hunter gains an extra d6 (total 3d6) in close combat. Any
> troops can reroll 1s on their CC die when within 10cm of Karandas. No
> mention was made about rolling just 1d6 when CCing vehicles, Titans.
> Me thinks Jain Zar's CAF +18 is an error. In addition to that, when she
> rolls 6+, she will beat any enemy model, except those with construction
> template ! Major butt-kicker.
        Yeah id guess its +8 - but it would be funny to take out a Warlord 1-1
... well at least the first time it would be funny.
> She also has a Silent Death, hits on 4+, and ignores terrain modifiers. If
> it hits it will moves on to the next target.
        Does it give rules as to the next target (ie LOS , within 15 of JZ
or the last target?)

        Whats the point costs/ Vps and are they command units?
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