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At 05:57 PM 1/21/97 +1100, you wrote:
>> >Not very clear (typical of CJ writeups ;P) but rereading the stuff again, I
>> >have the impression that it refers to the 2d6 Jain Zar rolls. Scary isn't it
>> >? More than 55% she will butcher her enemy without so much of "by your
>> >leave". Personification of HtH butcher.
>> How do you figure? With 2d6, she'll have 2 1/6 chances of auto-killing, or
>> 2 5/6 chances of not. Multiplied out that'll make 25/36 chance of not auto
>> killing, or, translated to easier numbers, a little over 30% chance to
>> autokill. (though don't get me wrong, I'm not saying she isn't a HtH butcher
>> or anything, just pointing out some inconsistencies is in your math ;) )
>> Now just image her after first throwing in a squad of Banshees at the enemy!
>> With 5d6 to roll, she'll only have a little worse than a .5% chance of not
>> autokilling! Yowzers!
>> Michael who is known as a Liu
> I think the suggestion was if she rolls above 6 on her CC dice
>eg 7,8,9,10,11,12 (>55% chance) that its an auto kill. However that
>interpretation of the rules ( I havent seen the exact rules so I cant be sure,
>and hey if someone at GW wants something to act in a certain way we all know
>that the written rules dont mean much......) is a bit harsh especially
>if we condsider her getting extra dice due to help from her
>aspect warrior etc etc etc buddies. That would make her pretty disgusting -
>worse that Ragnar, worse than chaos armies consisting of only primarchs,chaos
>marine legions, tarantulas, thunderhawks,trolls&minotaurs. Maybe Im wrong
>about what is being implied here. Rolling 2d6 and auto-killing with a 6 on
>either would be a lot fairer (But I hope its not screwed over like the standard
>banshee ability - wrecked by ANY save - come on we all know 6+ is worthless
>why didnt they just make it a +1 save (ie 6+ for no save, 2+ and better cant
>be hurt - it would have been much better (and fairer) than the current
>screwing-over).*END of OFF TOPIC RANT*

OK ! OK! My fault for not giving the full blown version - sheeesh, looks
like my summarising capability needs some working :P

Jain Zar, the Storm of Silence
In close combat she will beat any enemy on a roll of 6+. This does not count
against any model with a construction template.

Jain Zar may use the Silent Death in the shooting phase. It hits on a $+ and
ignores terrain modifiers. If it hits (not kills) the target it may move on
to another target. It will keep going in this manner until it either fails
to hit or moves its maximum of 15cm.

Go figure that ! But seriously, Karandas looks like a poor second cousin to her.

p.s. When I sent the original post, I did not expect the response. I
thought these special characters, while adding the flavour to Epic, are not
usually very well thought of.

Personally, I much preferred the Phoenix Lords which were discussed
previously in this list. I think they were much better, after going through
several revisions by the members of the list ;P. Anybody kept those ? And
the Chaos Primarch ?
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