Re: [Epic] Phoenix Lords in CJ

From: Spatula <shupes_at_...>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 18:33:51 -0500

> From: Michael the Liu <mikethel_at_...>
> >Personally, I much preferred the Phoenix Lords which were discussed
> >previously in this list. I think they were much better, after going through
> >several revisions by the members of the list ;P. Anybody kept those ? And
> >the Chaos Primarch ?
> Like I said earlier, "me too." If anyone wants a copy of Lorenzo's Phoenix
> Lords, I have a copy handy (though I'm sure he does too). I'm also looking
> for all those old ideas for Chaos Primarchs and Legions, I think there were
> two sets (one with lots of new powers and one without), both with 4 legions
> and primarchs. If anyone has them could they mail me a copy or post it to
> the list?

        How old? I have the Traitor Legion rules Andreas Richert wrote
awhile back on my web page, as well as the rules I wrote & posted here
a few months ago.

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