Re: [Epic] Biker boys

Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 22:31:17 -0500 (EST)

>>Squat Bike Force: 22 _at_ 600 = 27.3 each
>>IG Bike Company: 16 _at_ 300 = 18.8 each
>>Marine Ravenwing: 15 _at_ 400 = 26.7 each
>>Wind Rider Host: 25 _at_ 650 = 26.0 each
>>Ork Kult of Speed: 15 _at_ 400 = 26.7 each
>I think with the new skimmer pinning rules have thrown the eldar bikes back
>to the pack, maybe a little futher too. It's definitely changed their aspect
>in the game. I no longer see them thrown willy nilly as they once were.

Yeah, the eldar players actually have to *think* before they use them.
That's why they complained so much about the change ;)

>I have to say that the ork Nobz warbikes are easilly the best value for the
>bikes. When their HQ are combined with some of the nastier mekboy cards,
>they can be devastating. And it seems to get worse the more there are. The
>squats are very good, but they can still be targeted easilly. The nobz
>warbikes don't suffer form that.

I agree, the combination of super-fast, big nasty first-firing command
units screened by 20 pt I-don't-care-if-they-die crap is a nasty combo.
But just for the record, according to the WD 173 or 175, bikes do not
form normal vehicle squandrons. Threfore, the only mek-boy cards that
can be played on nobz bikes are squig fuel injectors (any vehicle *mob*)
bionic bits (any nobz mob) and the one that gives them the extra attack
dice (also playable on a nobz mob). Since they always form seperate
detatchments, only 5 bikes can be affected with each card. Still, that
is nasty enough.

On the topic of command units, someone posted that the gyrocoptor that
comes with the colossus is not a command unit. I am pretty sure that
this is wrong. I remember going through this controversy with a friend
of mine and finding that it says in the description of the unit and on
the stats chart that it is a command unit.

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