Re: [Epic] Problems with the old system

From: Michael the Liu <mikethel_at_...>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 19:49:03 -0800

>> >> What do people think about the fact that skimer bikes can't enter forrest?
>> >> Hasn't anyone seen Return of the Jedi? :-)

>> > Our house rules are currently something along the lines of:

>> >1) Go over the forest. No penalties for movement. Must end movement
>> >on passable terrain.

>> >2) Go through the forest. No penalties for movement, crash into a
>> >tree on a 4+. I think we had considered other rules for moving slowly
>> >through a forest, but it was too much effort. Basically, it was
>> >agreed upon that it should possible, and very dangerous. My jetbikes
>> >have never been desperate enough to have to try it, so it hasn't been
>> >a problem.

>> We always let skimmers stop over impassable terrain. Of course, if you are
>> above tree top level lots of people can see you . . .

> Hasnt anyone ever noticed that its really strange that if skimmers
>end the turn over impassable terrain they have to land (ie crash - even when a
>normal unit wouldnt have a problem ie difficult terrain - they still crash)
>yet if involved in close combat they , amazingly are still suspended high
>in the air so that anyone can shoot at them (ie CC). What do they do-
>dive into the ground in a suicidal frenzy at the end of the turn? Reaeeeeel a:
>convenient b: inconsistent.
> I like the 'stop over impassable terrain ' house rule.

My group also lets the skimmers voluntarily allow themselves to get pinned,
seeing as how they are usually only flying, "a few feet off the ground," and
apparently boost themselves up to fight CC.

Mike the Liu
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