Re: [Epic] Problems with the old system

From: Dan Lobb <danlobb_at_...>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 01:17:27 -0800

Mark A Shieh wrote:
> Dan Lobb <danlobb_at_...> writes:
> > I would guess that skimmers are capable of increasing there output
> > breifly to jump obstacles, but can't sustain it for an extended period.
> > Perhaps like a basketball player that can jump to dunk the ball, but
> > can't hang in the air around the basket indefinitely. They draw the line
> > between skimmers and flyers here. Skimmers make popup attacks. That
> > sounds like they have an abrupt rise and fall in the tactic.
> >
> > Just an opinion.
> I figured that's probably the case, but it still doesn't
> explain why the instant they enter CC, they are forced to hop into the
> air so they can be shot at during FF.
> I don't mean to whine, but I'm reasonably convinced that the
> skimmer rules defy rationalization.
> Mark
We use to play a game in elementary school called dodgeball. It often
happened that you would jump or dodge one throw only to intersect the
path of another. The close combat represents a combination of small arms
fire at extremely close range and actual melee. The jet bikes would
probably be zipping around shooting from above the ground in something
more like a dogfight approach.

Having said this, I still find the I side with those that find the
skimmer rules a bit in consistent.
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