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From: Mark A Shieh <SHODAN+_at_...>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 23:08:44 -0500 (EST)

J.Stephensen_at_... (Jason Stephensen) writes:
> David writes:
> >Yeah, the eldar players actually have to *think* before they use them.
> >That's why they complained so much about the change ;)
> I personally think that the new rules for the bikes make them about the
> right cost. Yeah, they can be ahot in H2H, but they still were very good
> value, especially with the dual purpose Vypers.

Ehh. I'd use the Vypers the same way either way, but I'm having
trouble using my Jetbikes under the new skimming rules. There just
aren't any targets not surrounded by FF troops, and they're too
fragile to dump on an objective because they can't hide in rubble or
forest. Making him hold troops back as screeners just doesn't justify
the entire cost for me. I just write off the Jetbikes as a weak unit
I can use to bolster my numbers (They're used as guardians sometimes,
because I don't like to send guardians out to die given the Eldar
background of a lack of manpower), while I use the Vypers like low
budget Gyrocopters. I keep at least a couple of detachments forward
to look for objectives to steal or targets to ambush. But it's more
of hoping that my opponent screw up rather than hoping he doesn't have
enough units to shoot down jetbikes.
        My jetbike pilots must hate me. They die in droves. I
frequently lose more jetbikes than other infantry, if you figure there
are two men on a jetbike stand and 5 on an infantry stand.

> >On the topic of command units, someone posted that the gyrocoptor that
> >comes with the colossus is not a command unit. I am pretty sure that
> >this is wrong. I remember going through this controversy with a friend
> >of mine and finding that it says in the description of the unit and on
> >the stats chart that it is a command unit.
> The gyro is definitely a command unit. Our squat players usually have
> another squad of gyros running around with it so that it can't be targeted.

        I blame GW. "The recon gyrocopter counts as a command unit
for the purposes of orders, movement etc, in all other respects its
identical to an Iron Eagle gyrocopter."

        Damn GW for the use of the word, "etc". I personally
interpret this as yes, it's a command unit.

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