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From: Mark A Shieh <SHODAN+_at_...>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 01:30:58 -0500 (EST)

J.Stephensen_at_... (Jason Stephensen) writes:
> Well, the major Eldar player down here adjusted very well to the new rules.
> He uses them as you suggest, to ambush units without the support. His
> Windhost actually lasts longer now then pre-skimmer pinning rules. I've
> never heard anyone call eldar jetbikes as a weak unit before. I still see
> them use as one of the better units in the game.

        I agree, they last longer now, because they aren't 1st or 2nd
turn throwaway CC units anymore. Before, their purpose was very
similar to a 2nd turn loaded T-hawk, which I feel puts them up near
the T-hawk's power level... Chaos Cards are what make the T-hawk
meanest for me. That, and decoy T-hawks to ensure that the important
one survives snap-fire.

        The problem is, I don't see any unsupported units or
objectives anymore, unless playing a newbie. It just means my
opponent is more careful about defending his area. I guess I wouldn't
call them weak, but just not particularly effective, as most ~20-25
point units should be. (Tarantulas of course being the most notable
exception for me) I'd rather pay more and gain the ability to become
pinned. They're still good units for me, but I just never do much
with them anymore. They just sit there and soak up fire while not
doing much. Which, considering their cost, is better than having my
other units soak up fire.
        I figure, they're cheaper than a guardian, so why not replace
their role... (I don't value the units in a Windrider host as being
worth 26 points each... The Vypers are better, after all. I figure
something around 20 and 35, personally...) The Jetbike is my
_cheapest_ stand, and sit on a backline objective just fine. I always
field a Jetbike company, so clearly I don't consider them all that
weak :)

        My take on an ideal situation is that perhaps they could
receive a 4+ unmodifiable save when being shot at in CC, because the
firer is trying not to hit his friendly unit (the unit in CC is
obviously exempt from this).
        Either that, or the rules should be reworked for a better
rationalization. A CC skimmer is just very unhappy under the new
rules, for no good reason other than play balance (A fine reason, but
not an entirely satisfying one). I don't mind that much that I
consider my jetbikes to be a so-so to middling unit, but I'd like a
better reason to make the otherwise beautiful stat-line of +3 CAF,
35cm move into a poor choice against FF armies (what I face for the
most part).

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