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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 09:25:00 GMT

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>Excerpts from Epic: 21-Jan-97 [Epic] Drop Pods by Brett Hollindale_at_powerup
>> 1. Drop Pods landing on other Drop Pods. I expect this will sound silly,
>> but is the bottom Drop Pod destroyed?
>Given that anything but a Titan that a Drop Pod lands on is destroyed,
>I'd have to say yes.

I might have worded that a little better...

What I mean is that since you drop them all together in a single mass, what
happens when two counters from the same drop land one on top of the other...

>> 2. If a Pod lands on a vehicle (or troop stand or anything but a titan) is
>> the pod destroyed along with the thing it lands on?
>Nope. What kills the unit below is the breaking thrusters... they burn
>right through 'em.
>> 3. Death Wind Pods. Do they fire on friendly targets as well as enemy?
>Everything, friendly as well as enemy. People don't usually drop these
>at the same time as the rest of their pods....
>> 4. "Pods that land on titans inflict a hit" but does this mean land on the
>> titan and stick, or land on the titan and then bounces off as most things
>> will from a rounded model (the poor old Impirator on the other hand is
>> perfectly designed to catch the little blighters)?
>Stick. Bounces are disregarded, it is only the final resting place of
>the counter for the pod that matters. For Titans, I think anything that
>lands on the base is considered to hit the Titan.
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