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From: Tony Christney <acc_at_...>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 03:39:28 -0800

>> From: duckrvr_at_...
>> I assume that everyone agrees that chaos champions aren't command units?
> I agree that the ones that come with warbands are not.
>We used to play that they were until that Q&A from Andy & Jervis
>came back saying they weren't. It seems fairly obivous to me
>however that the chaos marine legion champ IS a command unit.

I agree that the chaos marine legion champ is a command unit. After all,
he is leading space marines, isn't he? The thing that really bugs me
is that it is nearly impossible to protect the chaos champions. Both
trolls and beastmen are much less effective without them, hence they
usually get shot first. You can try and hide them, but this seriously
restricts movement depending on the terrain.

>> With the Chaos marine cos. I believe they are a separate detachment (that's
>> how they are pictured on the card), they take separate orders, and they can
>> single handedly use the special chapter chaos card. Dissenters?
> Well the cards say they can be played on a 'unit',
>whether you consider the commander to be unit unto himself
>is a matter of interpretation, I guess. Personally I
>probably wouldn't do it, but I wouldn't have a problem with
>someone who did.

I would do it and have done it. After all, shouldn't he be the most
powerful of the legion?


Tony Christney
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