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From: Aaron P Teske <Mithramuse+_at_...>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 07:56:45 -0500 (EST)

Excerpts from Epic: 22-Jan-97 Re: [Epic] chaos champions by Tony
> I agree that the chaos marine legion champ is a command unit. After all,
> he is leading space marines, isn't he? The thing that really bugs me
> is that it is nearly impossible to protect the chaos champions. Both
> trolls and beastmen are much less effective without them, hence they
> usually get shot first. You can try and hide them, but this seriously
> restricts movement depending on the terrain.

The most effective method of hiding Chaos Champions is to make them look
*exactly* like one of the boys they're wantering around with. Same
paint scheme, same base (ie don't put them on a square base with
retainers if they're escorting trolls) same *everything* except that you
use a Chaos Champion model. One of our Chaos players here (who is now
in Seattle, alas) was *very* good at this... he had two units of trolls,
one neon green and the other purple & blue, and you coudln't tell the
difference between the Champion & a Troll without a bit of searching. A
*very* effective thing to do... give the poor sods some camouflage!

                    Aaron Teske
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