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>> When did the powers that be remove the distinction between SHV's and
>> titan-sized vehicles?
> AFAIK there never was a distinction to remove. Not in 2ed
>Epic, anyway. SHVs are SHVs, despite fluff text (sure, the big Squat
>ones are supposed to be as big as some titans, but even the IG SH
>tanks are meant to be the size of city blocks, which sounds pretty
>damn big to me). Some have void shield generators, some don't. Some
>have mini plasma reactors (stormblades), some don't.
>> Personally I would have to say that is a galactically
>> stupid move. there should be a difference between a Shadow sword and a
>> Leviathan. Anything that carries void shield and is undergoing debate as to
>> whether it should have a construction template should DEFINITELY be treated
>> as a titan. I play chaos, and I would have been screaming about that one.

I'm sure that the Leviathan chassis and the giant Imperial termite-thingie
were classified as titan-sized vehicles. It's possible this was a house
rule, but I specifically remember a mini-painting category that included
them with titans. It's unlike GW to do so unless it's in line with the rules.

I guess I could be flaking.

> Well in order to use the TK chaos card on a Leviathan,
>Colussus, or what not you have to get a chaos troop within 15cm
>of the thing, presumably survive FF! (maybe... I really hate how
>all those chaos cards say they're used "in the combat phase" -
>considering the combat phase is made up of FF, CC, & AdvF - could
>we be a little more vague here?) and still get past the void
>shields if any are still up. Never tried it myself, but it seems
>to me that taking out a shadow sword or tempest is a hell of a lot

What's vague? "in the combat phase" means any time during the combat phase.
I've played with people who played cards automatically whenever you wanted,
and those that declared that playing a card was a firing action. By firing
action I mean it could be counted as your turn in the "I fire, you fire"
rotation or that the detachment using the power needed a firing action
(before I get slagged, this obviously applied to things like TK and the
vortex power of the Thousand Sons, not to +1 CAF or other cc powers).
Personally, I can deal with losing my turn in rotation, but the unit using
its action is a bit too much.

Apparently lost and/or clueless
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