Re: [Epic] Psychic Phase [was: Re: Titan Legions]

Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 12:56:27 -0500 (EST)

> I wouldn't worry about it. I play Eldar. I'm pretty much immune to
>anyone calling my units cheesy. If they use the word "far too
>effective" though, I attempt to defend my units though. :)

Well, I like to call eldar units cheesy, but just because I like to make
fun of eldar and eldar players ;). I personally think that there are
few units in the game which I, personally, would lable as too effective
(and none from the Squat list!)

The units I considered underpriced are:

1st Ghazghkull, way out and ahead, is the most underpriced unit in
        in the game (and I play orks!).

2nd - tie between Thunderhawks and Waveserpents. These units are a
        little underpriced but you don't really notice it until you
        field 10+ of them.

3rd Deathstrikes: propobly the best bang-for-your buck if you are
        looking for consistancy and durability (they fire on the first
        turn and 2 will almost always make it to a target, often all
        three will).

4th Shokk attack guns. like serpents, you don't really notice how
        undervalued they are unless you field bunches of them. I think
        the fact that a unit is not cheesy until 5+ detatchments show
        up indicates that it is not very overpowered.

5th Warlocks can get cheesy is you plop for 10+ of them (mostly
        because of their command unit status and that they fire in the
        psychic phase). Still, the technical difficulties involved in
        fielding so many acts as a real limit on their numbers.

That's pretty much it. I nevery felt tempests, collossi, overlords,
windhosts, nobz bikes or any other unit was too powerful. Even the
last three I would consider only *slightly* overpowered, and then only
in certain situations.

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