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>I'm glad to find someone else with the same opinion of Doomweavers.
>Since subscribing to the list I've been astounded at the number of
>refrences to Doomweavers as cheesy.

Well, if many people consider them cheesy, then someone is not using them
correctly if they consider them useless.
The only thing I really consider cheesy is that they can drop a warhound in
one shot. Of course, the only time I used this I was playing a marine
player who had hammered me with bloodclaws in thunderhawks who were attached
to the old ravenwing company. One of my dets fell back first turn and left
the board, so when the other det rolled a hit on each of his warhounds and
one of them failed his save I didn't exactly feel bad.

About the whole Doomweaver/GD thing, I still haven't found it, but I
remember the explanation ran something along the lines of playing a card to
save the demon was analagous to making an armor save (hence no cards in
hth), and since the normal armor save is ignored by doomwavers . . .
Cheesy? Yes. I never pressed the point if someone disagreed, but I wasn't
about to give up the ability when someone else pointed it out ot me.
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