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From: Thomas Bloom <tbloom_at_...>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 13:18:18 -0500

>About the whole Doomweaver/GD thing, I still haven't found it, but I
>remember the explanation ran something along the lines of playing a card to
>save the demon was analagous to making an armor save (hence no cards in
>hth), and since the normal armor save is ignored by doomwavers . . .
>Cheesy? Yes. I never pressed the point if someone disagreed, but I wasn't
>about to give up the ability when someone else pointed it out ot me.

The cards Regenerate the GD. The Web would kill it, then the infernal
powers of darkness pull it back together. They can't use cards to regen
vs. phycic/warp based attacks because they use the power of the warp (the
stuff deamons are made of) against them.

Besides, the damn faries got plenty of other stuff GD's can't regen from.
Why add to the list?

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