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>Next turn
> if you win initiative and have a wave serpent within 50 - push the titan back
>into the web for some instant death.

I didn't think the Wave Serpent could push Titans. I though they were too
big to be moved. I haven't read the WS description for YEARS so I could be

>If you lose initiative the other player
> will have to move first to save it (ie usually a good thing for you - the
>player with bunches of skimmers). Of course the cheese value of using a WS to
>push something as large as a titan around is not negligible.....

Too true

> Also someones post before seemed to imply that warhounds got auto-diced
>by the DW's web. I could have misread the post but I think this was meant to
>happen because the warhound had no 1+ save. If this is the case you might
>want to check the DW's rules - I think titans AND units with a 1+ are safe.....

Anything with a save of 1+ is safe from Doomweaver webs so if a Titan with a
1+ save on the foot was pushed into the template I'd say it is safe, if it
has a 2+ save or worse, well....... better left unsaid.

> One last point - another way of immobilising titans - vibrocannon
>(even good for halting a mega-gargant) - do they roll the scatter dice when
>they hit a titan. The rules say they can only hit a square on the bottom row
>so if they could scatter a- it would allow them to hit higher b - on titans
>theyd scatter into empty space an awful lot (amazing how something as big
>as a titan is in fact easier to miss than infantry......). However the rules
>dont seem to make the VC different from the other weapons - any suggestions?

Well we've always played it that you roll for scatter and if you go up, you
miss as they can only hit bottom row templates. This has never been a real
problem as they have only been used on my Gargants to hit the Belly Gun and
shake my vunerables off, eh Jase? Very stimulating, but in the end it's
dangerous and sends you blind :-). Never seen them used on an Imperial
Titan before.


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