Re: [Epic] Problems with the old system

From: A. Allen McCarley <allen_at_...>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 18:10:02 -0600

> I'm sure that the Leviathan chassis and the giant Imperial termite-thingie
> were classified as titan-sized vehicles. It's possible this was a house
> rule, but I specifically remember a mini-painting category that included
> them with titans. It's unlike GW to do so unless it's in line with the rules.>
> I guess I could be flaking.

In the old first edition rules I think they had a name like
"Praetorian Sized vehicles." As veterans of that game point out,
though, the game was so different then that comparisons are
pointless. I hear you could actually use the Hellbore back then...

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