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From: Perrin Haley <phaley_at_...>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 21:55:30 -0800

>Yes, the wierdboys cannot fire in the first turn's psychic phase, as they
>only power up in the end phase and do not start with any psychic points stored
>up from before the game starts.
>This turns out to be the limiting factor on their otherwise extremely brutal
>power, for two reasons:
>1) Most games only last 3 or so turns. Since the wierdboys can't fire on the
> first turn, their effective firepower when averaged over the length of
> the game is therefore only about 2/3 of their apparent firepower.
>2) Many armies have fast movers that may be able to get into CC on the first
> turn and take out the battletowers - they can't shoot your troops down
> 'cause they don't have the juice yet. THawks, fliers, and some of the
> fastest skimmers all fit this role.

AFAIK, the fastest skimmer in the game is the Gyrocopter, which can putt
along at 80cm's on charge. Note, that this isn't fast enough to cross a
regulation table and CC the opponent's base line (that is, even if he
bothered to put the Wierdboy up the full 20cm's up from the edge.) But you
are completly right about the flyers and THawks.

>Cameron Bentsen, Ottawa


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