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> Please, please, PLEASE don't let this arguement start again! I just watched
> the Graviton Gun debate one of the 40K lists and it turned real nasty,
> please don't let the Doomweaver Vs Titans thread get picked up here again!
> The uni server here has crashed twice in the last week because of excess
> mail. Don't start please!!

Uh excuse me i'm not starting any debate, just remembering what the ruling
was from a past Q&A when they said doomwebs DO auto kill immobile titans
(wheither you agree or not that's what they said) but NOT the emperor
calss imprator and mega gargant cause they are too big... i don't see how
paraphrasing a past Q&A is dredging up an old debate... calm down no one,
including myself, wants to see that debate again... i long ago decided
that while logic pretty much doesn't mean anything in any GW games, but
that i have to draw a line somehwere and that debate is where i drew my
line... basically i just refused to play it that way and if i don't play
someone because of it, so be it :) I'm stubborn dat way :) hehe

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