Re: [Epic] Silver Towers' Beam of Power

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Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 10:17:41 -0600

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>Maggie now shoots in the psychic, although I have a feeling that JJ & AC
>said that the daemon psychic stuff goes as per renegades. Something about
>that that I just don't comprehend. There is a psychic phase, but the daemons
>psychic is different. Oh well, with epic 40K apparently we lose the pyskic
>phase anyway.
>Oh and the towers are next to useless. Nice points to give to your opponent.

So the Lord of Change now fires in the psychic phase? Hmm, from the advance
to the psychic . . . from after cc to before (a very important point when
you consider the spawn fights in hth) . . .
I think the psychic phase should be limited to psychic powers that are NOT
specifically spelled out elsewhere, regardless of the time of publication.
Weirdboys DON'T need it. The LoC just became drastically more powerful. In
fact, most of the greater demons just jumped up. Nope, sorry, can't do it.


ps. I'm glad everyone else thinks the same thing about the Tzeench war engines.
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