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Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 12:35:52 -0600

> Oh boy. I had to stop straight away after reading this because that sort of
> hype bugs me. "NEW SCALE!!!"? What the hell has epic been then? Chopped
> liver? And how long hav they had epic -> almost 10 years. This is my fear,
> 40K in just another form.

Don't panic too easily. EPIC has always been 40K on a new scale. The
rules are different because the scale is different, and we don't get bogged
down with wargear cards because such 'minor' improvements would be lost
on the EPIC scale. (At least that's the idea.) Remember? This is
why AC/JJ rejected the concept of line infantry with slightly differing
weapons a while back. Such minor difference, while important on the 40K
scale, would make no difference on the EPIC scale.

However, EPIC hasn't been *seen* this way. Like it or not (and I'm in
the not category) WHF and WH40K are the bread and butter games for
GW. These are the games that people actually buy, while in the eyes
of most players (and most retailers, unfortunately) EPIC is
"that other game; with the tiny miniatures."

If GW can tie EPIC (a good game that people don't buy) to WH40K (a bad
game that people *do* buy) in the minds of their customers, then perhaps
more people will begin to play and *buy* EPIC. I think this is the
concept GW is working on. "Look! here's what happens in your favorite
game universe when really big armies clash!"

This doesn't neccesarily mean that you are going to be playing 40K in
just another form. There have been lots of little tidbits about
EPIC40K dribbled out here and there. Being on this mailing list, we
have seen more comments from AC and JJ about the new system than most.
Yes, some things are changing, but we've all been bitching about the
rules problems with the current EPIC for a long time. However, I've
seen nothing that leads me to believe that EPIC40K will have the
shortest rules book in the history of gaming: "Play WH40K, but use
these new, smaller miniatures."

Nor have we seen *anything* (other than player paranoia) that indicates
you will have to trash your old miniatures. (Not even the infantry!)
Are there many veteran Imperial players out there who don't have
two versions of the THawk? Two versions of the Vindicator?
Land Raider? Rhino? Did you throw your old ones out just because
some sculptor carved a new one?

Stay calm, people. We often hear complaints on this list from people
who walk into GW stores and encounter nothing but "12 year old
imbeciles screaming 'WWWWAAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!'." If GW can lure them
into EPIC, perhaps this description won't fit these deprived
individuals anymore. Perhaps they'll evolve into people you'd like
to play against. Perhaps they'll even give your army a new challenge.

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