[Epic] Warp Hunters

From: Colin Partridge <9404237p_at_...>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 15:54:36 +0000

On Thu. 23rd Jan, John A Chapman wrote:
> Youre upset you bought doomweavers? Hey I, in a fit of absolute
> stupidity bought some warp hunters. - now THATS a useless unit.......

I have to say I'd much rather have a pair of Warphunters than,
Doomweavers. Though they are a bit ureliable ( all part of the fun),
they are quite a flexible weapon. For massed infantry, like orks and
many chaos armies, you have to be really unlucky to miss altogether,
and unlike normal barrages, the saving throw of what you hit makes
no difference to your chances of killing it.

However the main reasin I like them is as an anti-collosus device.
My main opponant is a squat player amd I usually face at least two
Colossi. Hitting them with a Warp hunter will, at the very least,
prevent them from firing for the rest of the turn, letting me dispose
of them at my leisure. I'd pay the 100pts for them just to spend the
game taking pot shots at Colossi, titans etc.

Colin P
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