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About the price rises : in the same time, GW is playing fair and unfair.
I =
have bought WHFB 5th ed., because I wanted to begin a FB army a long time
go, and I thought that the (sublime) Bretonnians in the basic set were a
ir reason to sell WHFB a lil more expensive (the overall quality is better)=

BUT ... what is 100 % UNfair, is that they rise the price of **all** box=
sets, to meet the price level of WHFB.That is unfair because nothing has=

changed in the old boxes, and they make it arbitrarily more expensive.

is is also stupid (IM ever so HO), because they discourage people to buy
e 'previous generation' boxed sets.

What they should do, is sell different=
 versions of the same game in parallel
: for example : Titan Legions with E=
ldar and Imp. Guard minis, TL with Ork
and Chaos minis, etc ...The rulebook=
s would remain the same, but we could
choose which box to buy and **use** t=
he minis in the box.As I play Eldar
(and I begin Chaos), there is nothing i=
n the box I can use.And to pay for a
rulebook (only thing I can use) the sa=
me price I would pay for a 5 th ed.
WHFB, is lil too much.


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>Subject: The spirit of the game
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the game
>Having read Jervis statement on the mailing list with re=
gard to the great
>Epic 40k debate , I would just like to ask this :
d anyone feel that he really side-stepped the point ?
>The bulk of his repl=
y seemed to concentrate more on "the spirit of the
>game" rather than ad=
dressing the complaints from the players that their
>much loved Epic is =
being threatened.
>Let me expand on this .
>Any previous revamps since the =
plastic figures have not caused such
>debate , and it all lies in the ne=
w stand layout . "Your old stands will
>be fully compatible" , yet will =
this new long stand not increase the
>amount of ground covered by units =
, spreading them out and making them
>less vulnerable to barrages . An u=
nfair advantage when playing someone
>with old-style stands.
>I was at m=
y local Games Workshop store on games night and looked around .
>Nearly =
all the players there were aged 10 - 15 . Now us older hands with
>jobs =
might be ok , but what about these kids who have put up with
>creeping p=
rice rises in blister packs and gaming systems ? I presume of
>course th=
at the new Epic 40k will be bumped up to the now standard £50 .
>Why ?=
 Are these people not Games Workshop's market and therefore their
e prosperity ? Are these price rises necessary , and are the MD's at
 keeping with the "spirit of the game" ?
>Please feel free to reply and agr=
ee or disagree with this . Also if
>anyone has any Chaos stuff they want=
 shot of ....
>1 NOTE c:\isogate\work\8A0EBC52
Marc Feuerstei=

La pl=
upart des hommes n'ont que ce qu'ils méritent...les autres sont
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