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Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 14:40:18 -0600

At 11:04 01/25/1997 -0800, you wrote:
>> 1- What are (according to you) the three things to remember during an >
Epic game ?
>Order counters, The objective counters, and That it is only a game don't
>get to upset.
Pretty much that's it.

>> 2- Do you prefer to play 3000 point, 6000 point, or 12000 point games >
(and why ?)
>I perfer 3000-4000 pts, as it doesn't take to long to play and you can
>still play some interesting combinations of troops.
Does anyone regularly play more than 6? I can' t imagine such marathon
games are very fun on a consistent basis. Besides, the game really isn't
balanced for that level.

>> 3- Does 'cheese' exist ?
>No, most things that are called cheesy are things that are that armies
>centerpiece or that thing the have a speciality for.
Yes, there is cheese. However, it doesn't rest in the individual units'
stats. It rests in the individual playing.

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