[Epic] Epic page.

From: Marc Feuerstein <tw44645_at_...>
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 97 02:25:49 +0100

Hello fellow Epic players.

On the Epic page I am beginning, I would like t=
o give some tips & tricks to
players.Could you answer to the following ques=
tions ?The interesting (or
funny) answers will be put on the page (if you a=
gree, of course).

1- What are (according to you) the three things to reme=
mber during an Epic
game ?
2- Do you prefer to play 3000 point, 6000 point,=
 or 12000 point games (and
why ?)
3- Does 'cheese' exist ?

Every tip that =
will appear on the page will be credited to his 'creator' of


Marc Feuerstein


La plupart des hommes n'ont que ce qu'ils méritent...les autres=
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