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From: John A Chapman <jac_at_...>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 10:48:26 +1100 (EST)

> >Like I said, I can't remember the reference, but I believe it was the WD
> >that stated that chaos could use all marine detachments. In any case GDs

        After playing too many games against a Chaos (really pretty much a
specialty chaos marine player) you have to start thinking about how
reasonable the points costs are. Chaos legions are cheaper (at least close in
price - its been a while since ive seen the cards) than regular marines, and
generally better (much better than tacticals,arguably better than assault
troops - is that extra 5 move really needed all that often when you have t-hawks
? - although they are missing devastators..) and in addition to that get free
rewards... Makes me feel sorry for the regular marine player - he's so
outclassed - almost before you get to the other useful chaos units like
> >played with differed from most people on this list. Chaos players always
> >took as many GDs as possible - usually in the ball park of 1 per 1000 pts.

        Thats the funny thing, I seem to remember seeing somewhere that the
reason of the cheap (inexpensive) chaos troops was due to the fact that this
was to make up for the fact that they had to take GD's. Ive always thought
that at least most of the GD's were well worth their points. At least this
holds true against certain armies. Against eldar, Magnus , the Lord of Change
and Keeper of secrets scare the crap out of titans (and in the case of Magnus
he scares tempests, as well as makes it real foolish for ANY unit to enter
a building). Against anyone with troops Mortarion can be a prick (and you have
to feel sorry for orcs and IG when the Nurgle reward goes off and breaks a clan
in one shot - something thats not that hard to do....). Bloodthirsters are
 usually woth their points if you can get them into CC and Angron is useful
against troops with low morale.Im not impressed by Fulgrim though - but heck
you dont have to take him (unless you want the Slaanesh marines).
> >Even if they didnt' kill many opponent models, they are nearly impossible to
> >knock off of objectives. This allows you to send your swarm of troops
        Add 1 unit of trolls or minotaurs (or heck just the trolls/minotaurs)
and objectives are a right bastard to take - even worse if theyre under cover -
like in woods.
> >across the board (with the faster GDs) while the slow guys stand on top of

        Which takes a whole 1 turn with a t-hawk, maybe 2 if rhinos are used,
a little longer by the troops that work.
> > Just for an example, imagine a nurgle GD on an objective in the
        The Great Unclean one is probably one of the demons that i DONT think
is worth the points... Too slow, no range, and 7 CAF isnt enough to stop
a reasonable assault by specialist CC troops. Ok the losses taken in killing the
demon may total 300 points , but I usually expect demons to be better value
than just breakig even.

> >and is closely matched in caf. Throw a growth card on the demon and/or
> >uncontrollable flatulence (or the other "half caf for your opponent" card)
> >and suddenly the Colossus is horribly outclassed. I've managed this twice
> >against squat shv's and a number of times against less formidable models. I
> >dont' feel it's necessary to add the ability to play the "long legs" card on
> >the LoC so he can reach more distant opponents.

        Pity you still have to move first to stop being ganged up on by

screening units.....
> > I'm sure the arguments will be along the lines of "these are
> >specialty situations," but they're not. They are relatively easy to arrange
> >for the chaos player.

        You bet, take the right GDs against the right opponents and look real
surprised if they arent value for points. Thats often without using the chaos
 cards. Hey the chaos player is probably the best general that I play against,
but hisreason for playing chaos is "theyre the best". I dont think theyre
wholly unbeatable but they can be overly tough especially if they start to
degenerate into an army of only 3-4 troop types. They were pretty good before
the WD ruling that let them take all the marine stuff - after they were horrid -
 the only real advantage of some armies are Titan battlegroups - WITH the titan
objectives - and I fell its a bit cheesy of myself to HAVE to do this to win...

                                                end of rant - for now
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