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> >> Sauron1 writes;Agro! I agree completely. I wrote many of the early
> >> scenarios for Gygax at TSR andD&D is still the best of that lot.As
> >for
> >
> >Say again, you WROTE scenarios for Gygax? Who are you, Roger Moore,
> >Jim Ward, Dave Arneson, ? I didn't think Gygax needed folks to write
> >scenarios for him, in any case - he seems to be able to write pretty
> >well on his own. ;-)
> Don't forget Bob Kuntz...
> We still laugh about whatever book it was that was put out by Gygax and
> Agro
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> >Regards,
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> >- Erik
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> >"Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble
> >up, if you will ever dig."
> >- Marcus Aurelius
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Sauron1 writes; I have two filing cabinets full of historical articles for
the early years of Dragon magazine.The Idea for the Inn in the tree in
DragonLance is mine and I have eight short sinopsis that bacame novels
written in the dragon lance series.I creatted many of the Dungeons you saw
in the early Dragon Magazine as well as the Drawings of the Cities and
Castles of The Invisable Overlord and Ravenscrag and RavensLoft.You should
have seen Tracy Hickman in a chainmail outfit she used to wear to the ealy
cons at the Playboy hotel near TSR's home base! ( I still have a signed
picture if she ever denies it!) Anyway enough of the old stuff. Have you
given any though to the new Ork flack wagons for use in Epic2nd? sauron1
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