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> Subject: [Epic] Epic 40k Armies
> Date: July 29, 1997 7:55 PM
> Hello
> My name is Tyler Provick, and I am new to this list. I am about 17 and am
> looking to start playing Epic 40k. Yes, it's true, I do not have the game
> yet, but money is trickling in, so I expect to have it before the end of
> summer. (I also am taking my time to make sure I really want to buy it)
> I've play 40K, Fantasy battles, and helped a friend re-write the rules
> Necromunda to include the use of a Campaign Map, and actually having to
> spread yourself thin in the defence of territories. I have collected, but
> not painted a 1000 point Dark Angel army, putting the finishing touches
on a
> Ratskin gang, and still have to start collecting my Skaven army (I have
> Army Book)
> Anyway, would people be so kind as to help me decide what kind of army I
> want to play in Epic. I'm leaning towards Dark Angels, with Eldar, Orks,
> Tyranids, Imperial Guard and Squats following in order.
> A expanation of why you like your army, and why you don't like other
> would be good.
> Hopefully this will also stir up some lively debates between different
> I also am interested in loacting Epic 40K players in the Ottawa area, so
> e-mail me private if you are looking for an amature to join up.
> Tyler
> P.S.
> I have a story entitled Angels In The Field up on the Whispers From The
> page, I don't know the exact address. So far people agree that it starts
> fine, but lacks a little in conclusion. See for yourself
Sauron1 writes;Greetings! My club is runing our anual convention here in
Hamilton in August.The club web site is {
} I am running Wars of The Horus Heresy an Epic2nd game there,but others
might be running your other interests.It might be worth the trip down.Check
out the web sight anyway! SAURON1_at_...
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