[Epic] CJ Squat Rules on the web

From: A. Allen McCarley <allen_at_...>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 23:31:26 -0500

The Citadel Journal rules for Epic 40K Squats are now on my website, albeit
in very rough form. The appearance of these Squat pages will improve as
I get time to work on them, but I wanted to get the info up as quickly as
possible for those without ready access to it.

I give a special thanks to Chris, who transcribed the CJ articles and sent
the data to me. I don't normally put transcribed data on my website,
since you're supposed to buy the product like the rest of us, but the
CJ is such a rare resource outside the UK that it seemed only fair.
(At least until GW sues me; then it's coming down! If Jervis is reading
this then hopefully he won't mind.)

By the way, Chris, I wanted to give you proper credit on the website but
I have discovered tht I don't know your last name. Send it to me and I'll
give credit where credit is due.
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