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From: Giancarlo Mauri <mauri_at_...>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 23:51:45 +0200 (METDST)

>I guess the Nid players would be a little ticked...
>but GD's were one of the few units that could take
>multiple hits in SM/TL. Knights were still just 1 hit- 1 dead.
>I know some of the nid stuff was similar but I haven't dealt with
>them too much. I think a 4 - hit war engine would be appropriate
>with a "pick-a-power" list for each GD type. I don't think anyone
>other than some hard-core chaos players would even consider it,
>but I think it could be done in a reasonable fashion. Imagine the
>crit table
>"twisted ankle - movement halved"

I don' t know the rules for E40K, but when I converted the Four Powers for
D&D I found that one size wasn' t enough for GD, so I organized all the
daemons in a nice hierarchy:
- Possessees
- Lesser Daemons
- Greater Daemons (The ones you find in Epic 2nd and some more kinds)
- Daemon Lords (Titan Sized)
- Powers

In fact I felt that greater daemons in SM were inadequate, and their power
didn't match their description: I really couldn't accept the fact that it
was nearly pointless to buy them with the exception of Magnus the Red,
Mortarion and the Bloodthirster.
Maybe it will be possible to make real HUGE daemons and representing them
on the battlefield with Warhammer 40K scale miniatures.
I think thet there is something in the fluff about Daemons draining mortal
energies and growing powerful and eventually becoming Powers of Chaos.
I expect the Lord of the Eye Of Terror heard at lest something of this.
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