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From: John A Chapman <jac_at_...>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 13:47:49 +1100 (EST)

> > From: John A Chapman <jac_at_...>
> >
> > After playing too many games against a Chaos (really pretty much a
> > specialty chaos marine player) you have to start thinking about how
> > reasonable the points costs are. Chaos legions are cheaper (at least close in
> > price - its been a while since ive seen the cards) than regular marines, and
> > generally better (much better than tacticals,arguably better than assault
> > troops - is that extra 5 move really needed all that often when you have t-hawks
> > ? - although they are missing devastators..) and in addition to that get free
> > rewards...
> Free? The rewards cost 50 pts. Plus you have to take
> the Primarch in order to take the legion (not always a bad thing,
> but personally, I'm sick of bringing Magnus or Mortarion to
> every battle).
        Im sick of wind hosts and wave serpents too - theres some units
        that are hard to avoid buying.... :)
        Ummm 50 pts - the cost of the chaos champion - the cost of the
convenience of being able to take a large group (rare for chaos). Theyre pretty
much free, especially when you consider that 30pts per chaos marine is a bargain
 heck eldar guardians are 25 points each.......(ok not really a good example,
guardians generally bite).
> >Makes me feel sorry for the regular marine player - he's so
> > outclassed -
> Of course, the marine player can take companies
> unrestricted, gets devastators, has higher break points on his
> units/companies (whether you take thawks or not), gets his own
> neat units like the ravenwing, veteran companies, anything that's
> space wolves only, etc etc. THe marines are not outclassed if
> you take in the big picture.

        Yeah the ravenwings not bad - but not really points efficient (well
its about as good as marines get with the exception of scout companies).
Maybe I think too much about the more visible aspects of effectiveness and
not as much about stuff like break points...But a chaos legion in thawks is
still heaps cheaper than any marine co. in thawks (you havent paid for those
rhinos you never had - 150 points is a fair bit to pay for a slightly higher
break point). Being able to use chaos cards is great too - youre a bit better
where and when you need to be.

> > almost before you get to the other useful chaos units like
> > trolls.....
> Trolls are only useful if you can roll good orders
> for them... and if your opponent doesn't kill their champion.
        Unless of course youre already sitting on the objective.......

> > Thats the funny thing, I seem to remember seeing somewhere that the
> > reason of the cheap (inexpensive) chaos troops was due to the fact that this
> > was to make up for the fact that they had to take GD's.
> What cheap troops? The only units that qualify are
> some of the lesser daemons and maybe the marines. All the other
> units are overpriced (Beast Riders, Disc Riders) or priced the
> same as their other-army counterparts (Cultists, Beastmen).
> Chaos doesn't have any more inexpensive troops than all the
> other armies (less than some).
        Not necessarily outright cheap but cheap for the price - marines,
trolls,minotaurs,tarantulas,thawks,legions, chaos squats arent bad (not as
good as marines though) and excluding battle groups their titans are typically
better for the same price. Sure they have some expensive stuff, but its
pretty easy to not take the overpriced stuff and just take the good stuff
(although its possible to do gross stuff with most armies).

> > Ive always thought
> > that at least most of the GD's were well worth their points.
> Most of them are, true.
> > The Great Unclean one is probably one of the demons that i DONT think
> > is worth the points... Too slow, no range, and 7 CAF isnt enough to stop
> > a reasonable assault by specialist CC troops.
> How many specialist CC troops have a CAF of 7 or higher?
> Remember, you don't get multiple attacker bonuses on the GUO.
> And even if you do beat it in CC, the chaos player can just lose
> a card and keep the GUO on its objective.
        6 is enough if youre not worried about taking a few losses , with
only a -1 youre still going to win quite a few of the fights , stuff like
grey knights,termies,harlequins,banshees,ogryns,almost ANY ork on the WAAAARGH,
name your favorite tyrannid,arent at a big disadvantage. Its time to hope
 that you have a few decent chaos cards left in your hand..... Theres too many
better demons out there to buy a GUO.

> Scott
> shupes_at_...

                                                not trying to start a cheese
                                                war- looking for a way to
                                                build a balanced army to
                                                take on this stuff......

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