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>>Well I'm college student what do you think, I am poor I can't argue about
>>that But the ring is more than respectable
>> Timothy J. Kilgore
>I know that this is all in good nature, but still.... I think that people
>get carried away with the value of gifts etc... especially in the case of
>weddings, engagements and the like. I think sometimes it just throws more
>pressure into a place where there is always too much pressure to begin with.
>The ring is a symbol, it's value goes far beyond it's material worth. It's
>meant to symbolise the joining of two people who really care about each
>other. That should be valued so much more but people seem to forget about
>that when you are expected to outlay X amount of dollars to meet the right

I was just giving him a hard time. I didnt' mean to offend anyone or hurt
anyone's feelings. I just figured that it most of the people on the list
are talking about having several armies (I've found mine to be $2-300 each
and large enough to field any force I desire) and are sufficiently solvent
to be attending college or to own their own computer and pay for an internet
account that they weren't dirt poor.
        I agree about the whole "feelings" thing (I can't get too fluffy
here). Personally, if I was broke and wanted to get married I'd ask her
without an engagement ring, and buy a very elegant, though inexpensive,
plain gold band.

And now back to our regularly scheduled obsessive habit . . .
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