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> The legions break early on in the game, 8 guys isn't
>a lot to kill. A SM company in Thawks is 19 models with a break
>of 15, meaning that even if you fully wipe out 2 detachments,
>they're still not broken. Unusually high break points are often
>underrated, but they're a big advantage and well worth those
>150 points.

Isn't it 20 models? 3 dets of 6 + commander and rhino = 20. But the
marines are still just as well off. 150 points gets you 3 extra stands, and
a commander that can actually do something riding around in his very own
command rhino (stand back, boys), in addition to the huge breakpoint.
So I'm thinking "break point = special card" and "150 points + Champion = 3
stands + command unit"

> Sure, if you want an all-chaos marine army. Taking
>units with character is a lot more interesting.

That is a problem. I would love to field an army of one chaos power, but it
is extremely difficult without just making a chaos marine army (thousand
sons, emperor's children, whoever). They also made chaos bikes better than
Slaanesh riders for the exact same price (can you tell I'm honked off about
this one?).

>... and while chaos titans get a free +2 CAF and can
>use the energy whip, I haven't seen a single titan fielded
>since TL came out, so you're comparing a 900 point chaos
>warlord to a 500 point imperial one (or a 500 point chaos
>reaver to a 333 point imperial one).

I can't believe no one has fielded a titan. Anyway, most people allow chaos
to take battle groups as a house rule, so I don't think this is particularly

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