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Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 11:52:29 +0200 (MET DST)

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>Paul Collins wrote:
>> I don't know about historical, but our local New Varangian Guard (A
>> Byzentine re-enactment group) is currently working on a Kataphracti (sp?)
>> unit. Basically, Scale armor over Chain armor over a Gambeson. Armed with
>> sword and kite shield. No horse's though, too hard to do any fighting).
>> With an average size of about 6' and weight of about 100Kg, we're refering
>> to them as the Tanks. A flying wedge from these guy's will punch through
>> anybody.

I have to agree with Alan here. A bunch of similarly sized and armoured
guys can do a lot to stop a wedge...

> Not that I'd like to be in the shield wall that faced them, of course.

Been there, do that every Easter... (We have a bunch of BIG grid iron
playing boys who LOOOOVE the flying wedge thing.)


>But even the poncy landsknechts with slashed sleeves, stuffed codpieces
>et alia
>from around here would stand up quite well. First rank Pavise and
>second rank Zweihanders, third rank Halberds. OK, there's also a zeroth
>rank of
>Psiloi, and Skutatoi with slings and javelins in rear ranks as well.
>BTW it's Katafraktoi (sorry, don't have Greek font available). I favour
>Sassanid Persian myself, so am somewhat familiar with Byzantine tactics
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