[Epic] Chaos? Cheese?

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Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 11:15:40 +1000 (EST)

> 50 points can be useful - but theres quite a few companies which
>dont even get the free command unit.......Sad that someone thought beastmen
>were only 50 pts worse thean minotaurs.......Chaos probably deserves to pay
> for the company strength stuff because its not something they normally get
>(well thats what the fluff would heve me believe anyway).

I try to ignore the fluff as much as possible. More rules troubles occur
from reading the fluff and taking it as rules. The fluff should stay fluff,
and never be seen as anything but fluff. (I just like the word fluff)
> Not when the marine bikes (that go towards the 'normal cost') are
>overpriced to begin with. They cost 50% more than the equivalent ork or IG
>unit.....I think this is the same sort of problem with eldar bikes/windhosts.
>You think - 'gee a wind host is a bargain compared to the individual
>units' - but then again the individual unit is overpriced so its not as much
>of a bargain as it first appears. This is mainly due to the minimum points
>increment of 50 (theres another thread aboutthat somewhere at the moments) I

Actually the SM bikes are correctly valued. The disadvantages of IG bikes
and ork warbuggies more then make up for their "cheapness". Independant
command and high morale are worth a great deal in my opinion.

> Sort of on this line how popular are tactical companies compared to
> scout companies? Is it REALLY worth all those extra points for just break
> point?(heck and you LOSE infiltration... kinda sucks when you go from being
>a scout to a full marine and get worse :| ).

OK, if you believe one fax of answers, and they are really unreliable, the
rumour was that the shooting for the scouts was actually a typo that wasn't
picked up. They should have shot only 25cm, but after the rules were
released they did the usual thing of not changing them as it was "too much
trouble". Maybe this will be sorted out with epic 40K? I mean the scouts
have bolt pistols. Why do they still get the 50cm range?

> It would be nice if everyone saw the game this way. Having a variety
>of opposition is much more fun than just playing the best stuff all the time -
>especially as it means you too can afford to take interesting as opposed to
>butt-kicking units. Maybe some more army construction rules which force people
> to take somewhat varied units would be good here.

Or just play scenarios. I've played against pure nurgle chaos armies, and
have run pure Slaneesh armies. It's a matter of perspective. Change the way
you play and the game gets better. The min/maxing should stay in 40K. Play
scenarios with set armies, then exchange them and play again.

> Never played them..... form what ive heard theyd be a right pain -
>especially in bigger games.

Nah, the bugs aren't so bad as they look. Even in the big games.
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