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From: John A Chapman <jac_at_...>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 11:50:03 +1100 (EST)

> No other company that I know of pays anything for
> their command unit or for being available in company strength,
> except for the Rough Riders and that's obviously a misprint.
> 50 pts can mean alot - that's another THawk, 5 more fiends,
> upgrading Beastmen to Minotaurs...

        50 points can be useful - but theres quite a few companies which
dont even get the free command unit.......Sad that someone thought beastmen
were only 50 pts worse thean minotaurs.......Chaos probably deserves to pay more
 for the company strength stuff because its not something they normally get
(well thats what the fluff would heve me believe anyway).
> > Yeah the ravenwings not bad - but not really points efficient (well
> > its about as good as marines get with the exception of scout companies).
> It's 400 points for 550 points of bikes/speeders.
> THat's not points efficient?
        Not when the marine bikes (that go towards the 'normal cost') are
overpriced to begin with. They cost 50% more than the equivalent ork or IG
unit.....I think this is the same sort of problem with eldar bikes/windhosts.
You think - 'gee a wind host is a bargain compared to the individual
units' - but then again the individual unit is overpriced so its not as much
of a bargain as it first appears. This is mainly due to the minimum points
increment of 50 (theres another thread aboutthat somewhere at the moments) I
> The legions break early on in the game, 8 guys isn't
> a lot to kill. A SM company in Thawks is 19 models with a break
> of 15, meaning that even if you fully wipe out 2 detachments,
> they're still not broken. Unusually high break points are often
> underrated, but they're a big advantage and well worth those
> 150 points.
        Sure but it only coughs up 5 points as well. With good morale the main
problem with breaking is usually the VPs coughed up. When you consider that
a chaos marine legion - points-wise is only about 2/3s of that of a marine
 legion it looks a lot better.Also just throwing away 150 points isnt good
either - sure you get a better break point - but your opponent gets 150
points more of units (compared to you) with which to break you..(which is
real bad when theyve already got an edge on you stand for stand).
        Sort of on this line how popular are tactical companies compared to
 scout companies? Is it REALLY worth all those extra points for just break
 point?(heck and you LOSE infiltration... kinda sucks when you go from being
a scout to a full marine and get worse :| ).

> Sure, if you want an all-chaos marine army. Taking
> units with character is a lot more interesting.
        It would be nice if everyone saw the game this way. Having a variety
of opposition is much more fun than just playing the best stuff all the time -
especially as it means you too can afford to take interesting as opposed to
butt-kicking units. Maybe some more army construction rules which force people
 to take somewhat varied units would be good here.
> Chaos does not get any breaks when it comes to
> force selection. If you really believe that, go look at
> the Tyranids.
        Never played them..... form what ive heard theyd be a right pain -
especially in bigger games.

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