Re: [Epic] WW2 analogies to Epic

From: Harlequin Master <harlequin_at_...>
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 00:13:12 +0100

My grandfather was in the 8th Army and he often told me of their complete
for the normal Italian troops but held the Mountain troops in high esteme
for their courage
and determination in firefights.

His favorite saying was that Italian vehicles had 12 gears, 1 forward and
11 reverse!!

BTW, he wasnt anti-Italian, just anti-Fascist :)

Harlequin Master

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> Subject: Re: [Epic] WW2 analogies to Epic
> Date: 15 August 1997 23:29
> Sauron1 writes; The Italian Army had a bad rap in W.W.II, but the
> 8th Army had a healthy respect for their Mountain units. When the British
> conquered Tobrok ( for the first time ) their armor past through an
> artillery position. The Italian gunners stayed with their guns and fired
> the British tanks point blank as they drove through, destroying six right
> away. The British tanks were separated from their infantry support and
> to eather run over or machine gun the crews to survive.The 8th Army armor
> always avoided them for the rest of the campaign. sauron1
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