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Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 08:53:12 +1000 (EST)

>* Some units have "over-riding" weird rules that seem to send play balance
out >the window. (Ball rounds + void shields in ANY strength = no void
shields, One >warp missile + 1 SHV with shields = 1 dead SHV)

Just a quick point here (I don't want to start a huge arguement here) but
how DO people use the Ball round from the Ork Gutbuster? The rules seem a
little vague (IMHO) but they seem to state that when a ball round ploughs
into a Void/Power Shielded Titan it loses all the shields as it knocks them
down one after the other. Now is this just that it automatically happens or
that it loses some momentum as it hits them?

At our local club we thought that made them a little too powerful so we have
always played that for each shield knocked down you loses 1cm of roll from
the ball's movement. This usually makes little difference, but can mean
that some units are saved as the Ball stops short. It makes sense to me
that the Shields absorb some of the momentum of the ball as they go down.
BTW it was my idea and I am the resident Ork player (Warlord NobJobz). What
do others think of this?


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